Glitch makes artwork disappear

some wierd glitch started happening with 2 movies in my library where it doesn’t show the cover art of the movie, I tried to choose other movie titles and change it back and it worked but then it disappeared again.

Can you provide the file name of the movies giving you problems?




The mask one worked at first then disappeared
total recall never worked unfortunately

And to make sure I look in the same place as you are seeing this, is this in the library or in a favorite and is it in the classic or modern view?

It’s in the library and Im not sure what ever is by default that’s what I have it on I haven’t changed anything :+1:t4:

Also, do you by any chance have a poster file in the same folder?

Is it showing a different poster or a blank one?

No poster in folder, I rarely put pics because it automatically gives me the correct artwork and title, the only ones I put a poster, are the ones that infuse cant find, but for these 2 it shows the poster art but once you click the correct meta data it just disappears which never happened before

So are you getting a blank poster (possibly with a movie ticket in the middle)?

Any chance to see a screen cap of what you’re seeing on one of these?

yes ofcourse, as you can see everything else is fine except for the mask it’s just black and says rargb. com

If you go into Settings under General, make sure you have “Embedded Metadata” turned off.

It didn’t help unfortunately still blank :pensive:

Do the edit metadata again and re select the correct movie again after you’ve turned it off.

The embedded metadata told Infuse to use the metadata that is built into the file and that’s where the rargb came from.

So I tried to change it to something else and change it back and refresh the app and it’s the same. Both of them

Not refresh the in the app settings, just do an edit metadata on those two movies and then re select the correct movie below.

No refresh setting and that’s the first thing I did

On each of the movies, when you tap the 3 dots in the upper right there’s an “Edit Metadata”. Just re select the correct movie below and it should refresh the artwork.

It stays blank everytime I do that

Here’s a thread on this issue.

like i said before, this never helped it just stayed blank no matter what I did, what I ended up doing was manually putting a picture in the folder and It automatically used the picture I put in the folder once I refreshed the app