Given up now

I’ve been trying for 3 days to jailbreak and have encountered every single issue and have given up now. Perhaps someone could look through the steps I have taken and spot something I’m doing wrong.


Couldn’t jailbreak 4.3 so I’ve downloaded the 4.4.2 and have restored to it through DFU mode. Now, when I try to create an IPSW with seasonpass, one doesn’t seem to be getting created. There is no IPSW file in Documents or Tether folder, no IPSW in Users folder.


Secondly, even though I can enter DFU in iTunes, when I am being asked to with season pass it won’t work. I have the message saying click and hold for 7 seconds and that is as far as it will go, even though if I open iTunes there is the Apple TV in DFU mode.


Never had to give up on a jailbreak before but this one has defeated me. Reading all the guides everything seems so easy but I’m finding it beyond difficult and into impossible

Got past that by restarting the computer but now I’m cursed with error 1600. Frustration of epic proportions


Edited hosts in Terminal,changed everything as detailed in Tiny Umbrella and still error 1600


No idea how anyone can get this to work. Can’t be cable as I’ve restored in iTunes.

Is the power cable connected? Most guides ask to leave the ATV2 unplugged while jailbreaking, but for some reason the process only works In my box with power cable connected.

Tried both and still error 1600. I’ll just wait until a better jailbreak as it looks to me that this just isn’t a stable working jailbreak

Before you give up… Did you do the tetherboot and connect the ATV2 to the TV after you got the error? I once got an error 1600 while restoring ver 4.3, ignored it, and the ATV2 was perfectly jailbroken and functional.

The problem is that is a the error generic iTunes error and is thus likely to occur with any Jailbreak (regardless of quality) if it requires restoring firmware from DFU mode through iTunes (as most do).  Therefore unless you can get to the bottom of why it is occuring for you it is just as likely to occur again with any updated jailbreak.