Give subtitles within the video file more priority over downloaded ones

I see that more files have integrated subtitles. They are obviously better synced than the ones downloaded by Infuse.
Please have an option that included subs have higher priority or will selected by default.


I was going to post the same thing!
I use Plex, at least respect the priority which Plex gives to the subtitles (there integrated subtitles have max priority of course)

I am very motivated, so I give this a bump to get more attention.

Just curious. Why would you bother downloading an external subtitle file in infuse if it is integrated with the movie?

There is something different now I come to think of it. I have an external subtitle downloader on my NAS which downloads subtitles regardless of built in subtitles. This was because the Infuse subtitle download thingy was a long time very crappy and gave errors.

So there are multiple subtitles, like built in and external. But Infuse always selects the external ones instead of the built in.

Very good proposal

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