"Ghost" files and folders

In the files section (not the library section) I have some folders and files that show up that are actually deleted. So they don’t exist anymore but show up in infuse for MAC.
They do not show up in Infuse for IOS or Apple TV

How do I reset (start fresh) infuse for MACs database?

I would go to settings → general → meta-data and click the delete option.

When I’ve done it on my Apple TV it seems like it refreshes the file names not just the data that goes with it.

Where are/were these files stored?

Are you streaming them from a UPnP or DLNA device by chance?

My nas is connected with SMB

I did delete meta data but it didn’t solve the problem. Tried it on my iPhone too. Didn’t fix it
However deleting the data on the Apple TV seems to replicate better. That solved the issue :slight_smile:

so thanks @garylapointe you pointed me in the correct direction

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