Getting up and running - help with Time Capsule, Purchase Restore, and Dropbox

Hi there,
I just purchased Infuse Pro for my AppleTV4 on the AppleTv app ($12)
My goals:
(1) Play videos that I have in a folder on my Time Capsule (older model)
(2) Restore Purchase
(3) Stream content from Dropbox

(1) Time Capsule Setup:
I have created a Folder within TimeCapsule>Data>Infuse Movies and then dragged a few home movies in there.

When I opened Infuse Pro on my AppleTv, I set up a new share “Time Capsule” and selected “Save” (these is no username or password on the Time Capsule).

After “Checking Connection” it locates it and asks if I want to add as favorite, and I do. After selecting, it says “Empty Folder.”

That is where I am stuck. I do not know how to proceed, please help.

(2) Restore Purchase:
I downloaded iOS app, hit the restore button and it did not work. I assumed I could hit the restore button because I just paid for the Pro version when I purchased on the AppleTv?

(3) Stream content from Dropbox. I was under the impression that I need to purchase the pro version, and unlock via “restore” (that don’t work) in order to stream from Dropbox.

Please help!


I think that a problem is not in Infuse at all. I suppose that something was wrong from your homenetwork side at that moment. I use Infuse basically with described scenario (without Dropbox only) without problems a lot of time (from ver.4 of Infuse). All my movies and shows on Apple Time Capsule (4th gen - may be even older than yours:-))), Infuse 5 was bought on ATV and after installed on iPhone and one more ATV and activated through restore purchase option. And everything has been working like Swiss clock:-)), around two months already at least. I would recommend you to delete infuse from all your devices an resetup again. But one recommendation about Time Capsule: may be it is not good way to use it without username and password of the disk? Based on the article: Streaming From a Mac, PC, or NAS – Firecore, which I used like instruction for setup (in the end of this page you can find specific recommendations for Time Capsule, scroll down all page until the end), Infuse Team recommends to connect with Time Capsule with username “admin” (I tried different and everything was fine, but I preferred to leave “admin” at the end).