Getting the Most out of atflash black

I am trying out atflash black for my apple tv second gen. I am a blind user and require (voiceover) under settings-general-accessability I have listed my experiences below, could you offer any help or suggestions so I may get the most out of my software packages? Thanks. Couch Surfer Pro is not accessible no (voiceover) all I can use is the keyboard once I go in to the browser nothing talks. have not looked at this yet. already have radio option under internet. is this free for us? Maintenance works fine Media Player so far works great can stream from my naz. RSS Feeds the list view reads, but nothing else Weather the list view reads, but nothing else NitoTV need more investigation what does this actually do for me I see the menu option now, but not sure what to do how to use yet. PLEX Client did not see this in the main menu XBMC no (voiceover) support totally unusible. If anyone is using the voiceover if you know of any plugins I should look in to or ways to make my appletv experience better, I’m listening.   Thanks.