Getting spinning circle and then content wont play error

ATV4k on 5ghz wifi
Infuse Pro
Synology NAS DS218+ with dual 3TB drives plugged in via ethernet to my router

I have had the ATV4K for awhile, so I know it works fine with other streaming apps, etc… I installed the Synology yesterday, got it all going, installed Infuse Pro on my ATV4K, and then put two MKV’s on the NAS, one of a 1080p program and one of a 2160 HDR10 demo clip.

I see cover art and program details, Infuse browses the folders fine, it’s just when I try and play either, the circle spins, I see my AVR acting like it is handshaking, and then after a few seconds I see an error. I read something yesterday about changing from SMB to FTP, unchecked one and checked the other in the NAS and set up Infuse again, still get the error.

Are you running the tvOS 12 beta by chance?

If so, please disable the Dolby Atmos option found in Settings > Video and Audio > Surround Sound.

I’m having the same issue.

Apple TV 4
Synology DS214play using SMB (tried switching settings from 1 to 2 etc)
Google Wifi

I thought it might have been an issue with the ATV not waking the NAS, but tried waking the drive using my computer and then trying to play something on the Apple TV and the issue persisted until I restarted the ATV. Not experiencing it with the iPad or iPhone apps.

Same error for me:
Infuse Pro 5.7.4 running on ATV 4K tvOS 11.4
Plex Media Server running on Mac mini (Late 2012) 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 with 16 GB RAM and 512 MB SSD (for OS) & 1 TB HDD (for media) macOS 10.13.5 (High Sierra)
All network connections via Gigabit Ethernet

Worked fine yesterday, but today Infuse in general is very slow; just navigating through the media is very very slow. Plex Player on ATV is as quick as usual.

I noticed, when adding my Plex Media Server as a new share via DLNA to Infuse then Infuse works fine.

I’ve raised ticket #104671.

I’ve been having similar problem for the past couple days. I select a show to play and it doesn’t play. Restarting ATV4K fixes the problem. I had to restart my unit twice in last few days.I’m not using beta OS.

Strangely, when I played around with Infuse last night, it worked again with the original Plex shared libraries but I had the spinning circle etc when trying to access the DLNA libraries. I abandoned Infuse and watched a programme without issues using the Plex ATV client.

Enabled NFS on my Synology NAS, forgot SMB shares on Infuse, added NFS shares, all seems fine now.

Thats what I did and it worked fine. Went from “Auto/Atmos” to “Auto”.

i have got the same error And can’t access the nfs share folder from infuse
ATV4k on 5ghz wifi tvos 12 public beta and atmos is closed
Infuse Pro 5.7.4
i must remove nfs share and add it again to resolve the issue.
This problem will appear from time to time

Mine is working again without making any changes. I’ve been using Infuse in the last few days without issues.

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