Getting random crashes on ATV 4K 2021 & 7.1 Update

Hey Guys,

I’m getting random crashes when clicking on movies and tv shows on the main menu.
What’s the proper way to share these with you?

(I’ve extracted them from the device)

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First I’d recommend you do a restart of the ATV and then if it persists you can go to the Settings menu and at the bottom there’s a send diagnostics button. Do that and then post the five digit code here in the thread.

Thanks. I just got the ATV today so a lot of restarts were involved.
I’ve also updated to 14.7 but the crashes persists.

support id: HY37Q

Did you also update to Infuse 7.1?

It may take another restart since this was just released today also. Sometimes the updates get garbled and a restart of the ATV usually helps but if it really got hosed up in the update process you may have to reinstall it.

I did. The last crash was when I entered a movie to check out the actors list feature that’s on 7.1.

I’ll give it another restart and see how it goes.

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Another crash after restart: DM3KM

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When you go to Settings > Library > does it have the “Last Updated…” message on the left side or is it working on a process?

I have the “Last Updated” with a timestamp.

Thanks for the report.

We’re looking into this.

Hey Guys.

Some findings:
I’m able to reproduce the crash rather easily when the system language is set to Hebrew AND when entering a movie with Hebrew metadata.
I wasn’t able to reproduce the crash when the system language is set to English
I wasn’t able to reproduce the crash when the system language is set to Hebrew and clicking on a movie with English metadata.

I hope that’s helpful.

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This should be resolved in today’s 7.1.1 update.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @james.
I wasn’t able to reproduce it on the latest version.


Hey guys,

Seems like the issue isn’t resolved as I still get crashes while entering a movie.
Sometimes it’s the first movie I enter, other times it can be the fifth movie I click that will cause the crash.
At first I thought that the crashes after 7.1 applies only to “Continue watching” movies but that’s not the case as I still get crashes with unwatched movies.

First crash: FC75B
Second right after it:S5C6Y

Hey guys, any updates on this?

We’re looking into this. Thanks.

Hey @james, any updates on this?
I’m still getting daily crashes.

We believe this should be resolved in the upcoming 7.3 release.

Thanks for your patience.

Infuse 7.3 is now available and this should be resolved.

Thanks @james
Unfortunately I’m still getting the same crashes.

Crash ID: AM4F1