Getting it working in 2012

OK - I have installed it. Now what?

First of all how can I get Keyboard Magic to work? It is all meant to be installed and I have an Apple Wireless Keyboard. So how to I pair this to the unit? Can I buy a small bluetooth unit like this one ( ) plug that into the AppleTV bluetooth port and get it to work? Or do I need to buy a special bluetooth adaptor. It would help to have some up to date guidance.

If I plug a USB keyboard into the USB port then this will work OK - I am trying this with my Apple wired keyboard. I can get the mouse cursor to appear using the remote control but I don’t seem to be able to control this directly from the keyboard (e.g. toggling it on and off). What am I doing wrong?

Ideally I would like to put Boxee on this unit but there seems to be some kind of a recent issue. Also I cannot find any means of downloading Adobe Flash and getting this to work. So what are the work arounds? I am in the UK

Following this I will want to set this up to work with Blinkbox in a seamless manner.

There appears to be a problem with Nito - this may be the source of the problem. But let’s see what tech support have to say.