Getting error 3194 when restoring in itunes

I get the error 3194 when restoring atv 2 through itunes at the end of the jailbreak using seasonpass.


I tried using 5.0 and before i got to restoring i got the message that it has come up against critical errors and to check there is no software interfering with the jailbreak.

I have disabled the anti-virus and nothing else is running.


Anyone help me out here???



Normally that error indicates you are trying to restore a release that Apple is not longer signing!

Do you have saved shsh blobs for the release on your device corresponding to the release you are trying to jailbreak?   If not then you are currently out of luck as Apple is now only signing the 5.2.1 firmware and there is currently no jailbreak for that release.   Hopefully a jailbreak will appear but one can never be certain.

No as i got bought it from somebody and tried upgrading to frodo 12.1 .


Can i downgrade version?


Thanks for swift reply

You can only go to a version that Apple is not signing (upgrade or downgrade) if you already have shsh blobs for the target release.

Note that it is possible to extract the shsh blobs from an existing firmware install using tools such as iFaith if you merely want to jailbreak the release that is already installed.