Getting back to 1.6 after 1.7 upgrade

Is it just a case of reinstalling the 1.5 or 1.6 aTV Flash (Black) DMG on a jailbroken aTV2 or do you have to jailbreak the device again to clear 1.7?

aTV Flash cannot be downgraded. 

Even if you use a previous installer (which is possible if you’re familiar with networking) you will still get the latest software as it installs from the same repository.

Would re-jailbreaking and then updating end in the same result too, as the installer will put 1.7 back on the aTV?

yes - installing Media Player ALWAYS puts the latest version on so it is not possible to go back a release.

Good news for Plex users.

Great response guys!

I was going to try the XMBC workaround but noticed the update to Maintenance when I went in to install so ran this and then Plex appeared back in the menu.  Ran the Plex update and everything is as it was.

I was starting to think I’d lost Plex after getting everything running so sweet across all my Apple devices.  Thanks for such a quick fix  :-X