Getting back old synced Infuse library after Mac format and clean install

I used to have a library i spent quite a bit of time organizing that was being saved on icloud for my MacOS Macbook. All files are on an external drive that I’d connect to macbook.

After having some issues with performance, I recently did a clean install of MacOS and now on MacOS Sonoma. When I installed Infuse, it’s not recognizing my old library on the icloud drive sync (which I thought was being backed up on icloud). Giving me error: indexing failed on (device name).
Is all my time organizing for nothing or can I get my library back from icloud backup?

Are your video files on the original drive or did you clear the drive and reinstall the video files?

The actual videos are not stored in iCloud, only the metadata and watched status with app prefs.

If you change the drive where the files were then it is a new drive to Infuse.

The video files have always been on an external drive.
I am trying to get the infuse system metadata files for my customized library restored to new install of infuse. I was under the impression the library metadata is stored in icloud, but even with the external HD connected it’s not syncing. I’m guessing that infuse is not recognizing my new macOS install as the same as previous or something even though I have made/named it the same device name.