Getting 404 on refreshing Metadata

I’m using tvOS 12 and latest version of Infuse with the latest version of Plex Server, I already posted about my setup for another issue here: "An error occurred loading this content" with Plex and iOS 12 (Atmos disabled)

When I refresh metadata on a season view I get “An error occured, the operation could not be completed” a lot. I just checked the logs on my Apple TV via and saw that it seems to get a 404. But where does this one come from? Is there a way to see which URL it’s hitting? My Plex server is up and running.

default 21:59:08.787380 +0200 infuse Task <46984E52-5DB8-4793-A284-6C2A1C0B4777>.<389> {strength 1, tls 8, ct 0, sub 0, sig 0, ciphers 1, bundle 0, builtin 0} default 21:59:08.787668 +0200 infuse Task <46984E52-5DB8-4793-A284-6C2A1C0B4777>.<389> now using Connection 45 default 21:59:08.788742 +0200 infuse Task <46984E52-5DB8-4793-A284-6C2A1C0B4777>.<389> sent request, body N default 21:59:08.883397 +0200 infuse Task <46984E52-5DB8-4793-A284-6C2A1C0B4777>.<389> received response, status 404 content K default 21:59:08.883808 +0200 infuse Task <46984E52-5DB8-4793-A284-6C2A1C0B4777>.<389> response ended default 21:59:08.883862 +0200 infuse Task <46984E52-5DB8-4793-A284-6C2A1C0B4777>.<389> done using Connection 45

Is there something else I can do to debug?


Is this affecting multiple videos, or just this one? Does the issue resolve itself after trying again after a period of time?

If this is still an issue for you, it may be best to submit a report from your device and open a support tick so we can look into this further.

This happens for multiple videos and sometimes it resolves itself after I try it a few times, I also think that I can “fix” it by going back to the Infuse main menu and then navigating back to the show again. Then it usually works.

I just reproduced it again and sent the logs and the code via the ticket system.