Get rid of "Welcome To INFUSE" Splash Screen

Would it be possible to eliminate the
"Welcome to INFUSE "
“Add some folders from your network shares”
“+ Add”

splash screen that flashes up for just a second before showing the home screen after starting infuse every time?

I’m not able to replicate this in the current version running on an ATV4 or ATV4K.

Which version of tvOS are you using? Is this on every app start, or just after force closing the app?

Running tvOS 11.2.6 and it’s not every time but not just after a force quit. It seems to be after an extended sleep of the ATV and happens on 2 different ATV 4 and also on an ATV4K. It only flashes on screen for maybe a second or 1.5 seconds.

I have been seeing exactly this behaviour as well, on an ATV 4th Gen (64GB).

I think this started from the 5.6.8 release. I am now on 5.6.9 and have seen it there as well.

Same here on ATV4. It only flashes for a second or less, every time I open Infuze, (if not already opened).

The next time this happens, can you send in a report from your Apple TV and PM me the 5 digit code that appears so we can take a peek?