Get rid of special landscape view

With list view off, in portrait mode you can view all your videos, all your folders and all your shared drives. Flip the phone to landscape and you can no longer see folders/shared drives. You have to swipe through each movie/tv show season to get to the one you want.
I’ll usually put my phone in a dock when watching video, and it’s a real pain to have to take it out and flip the phone every time I want to navigate.

Why can’t you just keep the same portait layout when you switch to landscape? It’s the best of both worlds.
My library has 100s of films, and 100s of tv shows so I always have to use List view. It’s just such a shame that I miss out on the large cover art, and the ability to group all the seasons into one.

I still don’t get how this view should be behaving. I would expect it to behave as Spot1701 would like it to behave. When I open the app and rotate to landscape I have no way to navigate to my favourites (only see the Infuse logo). When I’m in a favourite folder I see my movie posters in portrait mode, but in landscape, the same infuse logo, with no wat to navigate to a movie.

Is there a way to navigate in landscape mode I am missing? The only view that has any result other than the infuse logo is when I’m in a series / season x, then the landscape mode can swipe between episodes.

This is a bummer when the iPhone is in a stand, when I’m chilling in a warm bath :slight_smile: