Get ratings info from TMDB

With the likely move to TMDB for all movie and tv metadata in the not too distant future, would it be possible to use the rating information from TMDB rather than Trakt. Surely it would be more efficient as the data would be retrieved anyway during metadata updates (therefore saving an unnecessary API call), and the TMDB ratings would possibly reflect a more considered view rather than a fan assessed rating (which will artificially inflate movies with strong pop culture references).

Infuse could also allow for ratings of an overall TV show, rather than just individual episodes. Lots of potential to explore.


This might make some sense.

TheTVDB didn’t provide ratings for series/episodes, but TMDb does.

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Another option would be to have the ratings source selectable. Trakt or TMDB. User choice is always a good thing.

Agreed, I’ve taken lots of time rating movies/tv shows using Trakt, so wouldn’t want to lose that link, so user choice would work for me!

I wouldn’t think this would change the behavior of tracking watched and rated items through trakt. This is just the default rating that shows up. @james correct me if I’m wrong.

Correct. The switch will only affect the default ratings you see for items you have not personally rated.

The Trakt integration would remain working as-is, so ratings you have submitted will still be available if you are logged into Trakt.

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Today’s 7.1 update now relies on TMDb ratings for both movies and TV shows.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


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