Get movies via FTP server

Hey guys,

I have looked for a topic regarding this but I cannot find one. Have also tried looking through every option on the ATV Flash… maybe I missed it?

Anyways I was wondering if it is possible to connect to my ftp server with sapphire or nitotv and watch my movies. I travel alot and would like to take my Apple TV with me but connect to my ftp server at home. Please let me know if this option is available and if so… how to do it!


Unfortunately I don’t think this feature is currently supported. Your best option would probably be to download the file(s) you want to watch to your computer then copy or stream them from the computer to the AppleTV.



thanks for the quick response!

DO you think it would be possible to connect to the ftp server via my computer and mount it as a drive and then locally connect to that drive with the apple tv?

Yes, if you were able to get the FTP server to mount as a virtual disk on your Mac it may be possible to have that ‘drive’ mounted on the AppleTV as well.

I dont think FTP supports streaming. I think you would have to download the entire file, then play.

You may be better off setting up a SMB/CIFS or Apple file share server to stream from home.