"Get more subtitles" doesn't work

Adding subtitles using the “Get more” function doesn’t work for me anymore. It just displays an error message and that I should check the internet connection - but there’s definitely connection to the internet. What’s wrong? This was one of my favorite features…

If you follow the ‘status’ link at the bottom of the page you will see that the opensubtitles web site is currently unavailable which is probably what is causing the problem.

It says up today, but it still doesnt work for me…

Anyone else have the same problem?

Where are you located?

OpenSubtitles appears to be blocked in countries like Denmark and Norway.

I am indeed in Denmark…

Blocked by just DNS or how?

I assume it’s just DNS, but I can’t say for a sure.

I am in Denmark too… God damnit… It worked not that long ago for me so it must be recently they chose to block it… Nice. I can visit “open subs” using my browser though?

I can hereby confirm that it is the DNS, apparantly - somehow - its blocked by the ISP. I can - however annoying - set the DNS manually to ie. Google DNS and have it working again, so thats the solution for now.

This also means that its not geoblocked, just ISP blocked.