Get better customer support! Yours sucks!

As a paying customer I have had a bug report for files I cannot play for 2 weeks now with no resolution…to put it blunt your support sucks!



I want this resolved! 


My ticket is 

Request #32038 




Re-producible issues are usually addressed in the next update, you can’t expect them to patch every single issue one at a time. No software development companies do that.

Chances are it’s using an unsupported codec. Re-encode the file:

Or post the video’s details here and someone can try to help.

I did post them on here…and sent 2 tickets to which they told me they would get back to me…that was 2 weeks ago

Well you have two options, wait for fireCore to find a video in the exact same format and figure out what the problem is, or re-encode the file yourself so you can watch it now.

Not everything is as simple as flipping a switch.

It’s in their interest to fix it, and I have no doubt they will, but try to be patient or if it’s really that big a deal re-encode it or get another copy in a different format. No set top box will play everything, so it’s usually easiest to find another version if the situation arises. I’ve only encountered one format it can’t play, and my desktop couldn’t play it either so I had to re-encode it.

I have an outstanding issue that’s over four months old but I’ve found support to be more than willing to help. They are regularly trying fixes and asking if there is any improvement. Firecore are good guys. Somethings take time. Be patient. What do you expect for thirty bucks? Maybe you should buy them a plane ticket and someone will personally come over and make it work for you.


I just took a look at your ticket, and it is most definitely currently under investigation. As others can attest to here, we try our very best to get known issues fixed ASAP, so chances are the issue will be resolved in time for the next update.

Thanks for your patience.