Get all metadata function

I’ve noticed that media player doesn’t seem to start acquiring metadata until I actually select a movie. Is it possible to include a button in the settings menu or something called “Get All Metadata” which would collect the metadata for all files located in the favorites folders?

After browsing a bit it would seem that firecore doesn’t chache metadata. Is there any chance that this could be supported soon? When you have a lot of movie posters, it is very impracticable to have to reload them all the time. Couldn’t Firecore create metadata files and store them in the same folder as the movie files?

This. It seems to take an age to grab the data. If this could be triggered once and cached? Of course I could be talking out my ass.


I’m surprised that caching isn’t already implemented. This is currently my only complaint when it comes to Firecore (although I’m sure I’ll think of something else if this gets implemented :P)

Caching is certainly already implemented for covers. I thought it was already implemented for metaadta but I could be wrong.