German language pack? Android Remote App?

i´ve got a atv2 jailbroken with xbmc. i´m thinking about a chance to atv flash because so i don´t need to switch between two programms. but i like to know two important details:

  1. is atv flash black only in english available, or can there also be installed language packs?

  2. can i remote atv flash black with my android phone? if yes: is it only a other remote controll for the original one, or can i browse folders, see album covers, etc.?

I would also like to use my android as a remote for the atv flash (black).  Any ideas on how or if this can be done?

Currently only English is available, but we’re planning to have other localizations (including German) available soon.

Unfortunately there’s no way to control the AppleTV using Android. Sorry.