Genres problem

Hi There,

I am a Dutchman but using infuse in English.

I am facing a genres thing. since I am dutch Infuse comes up with 2 different genres.
As example, I have genre FANTASY and genre FANTASIE (last one is Dutch)

Is there some kind of batch solution to name all the genres just as one.

So the movies from the example above will show up only under genre FANTASY.

I hope I am clear in explaining. :stuck_out_tongue:


In the infuse settings under Language, what do you have set for metadata? Have you tried “English” instead of “Auto”?

I am looking into this right now. LOL

Infuse for Mac… I keep u posted

It is on AUTO, when I click it says English(Netherlands). lol

Changed it to English only now… see what happens.

Well… that did the trick lol… did a meta change for one movie, and it worked…
one which was showing up under FANTASIE now shows up at FANTASY.

Hundreds of movies to go… maybe I’ll do a complete change of meta…

Did you try using the Scan for changes on the library settings area?

No I didn’t. Lets try that.

btw. Is infuse reading the file movie.nfo ?

Cause there are also genres in that file.

I don’t use nfo files enough to answer that with any certainty but if you see where you still get multiples for some genres look at the dupes and see if they have nfo files.

Also, if the scan for changes doesn’t quite do it I’d try the Refresh metadata before I redid the whole thing.


I am trying to find the rescan option… or is that the little circle in the upper right corner ?

Ah. found it… had to scroll down…

No, in the Library settings page there should be two additional buttons, one for scan for changes and the second for Refresh metadata. I’m not on a mac right this second but I’ll check.

Yes… it was outside the window… had to scroll down. lol

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And it’s your fault that I just noticed that the tv series Succession classified as a “Comedy”. While I’ve seen a few things that have been humorous , I think it’s about as much a comedy as “Breaking Bad” LOL

Ahhh the diversity of crowd supported data… Oh well, on with the show.

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I just noticed something…

I deleted all metadata and let infuse do everything again from scratch.

Still there where 2 movies who came up under an dutch genre named ACTIE instead of English Action.

It appears that infuse reads a file named: movie name.nfo.
I had in 2 movies this movie name.nfo file and deleted them, then refresh metadata, and voila… they showed up under the English genre ACTION.

So I guess in case there is a movie name.nfo file it overrides the data which infuse picks up from somewhere.

Good to know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Genres are also stored in .NFO files.
If you have movie.nfo or movie name.nfo next to your movie file, infuse will read that file.

If in that file is written (as example). <genre>INFUSE GENRE</genre>

Then in infuse a genre will show up. See image.

This means, one can alter genres anyway one wants. It doesn’t matter if you choose online or local meta.

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