Genre & Playlist Covers randomly update

Following the Picks of the Day update, which added some fresh content to the home screen of Infuse, I would like to suggest that Genre and Playlists covers could also update dinamically, maybe weekly or monthly to help and not overload any processing from Infuse part. Looks like today those rows show only the best score titles as a cover and, because this will rarely change, we are stuck with the same images. Would be better if it randomly changes daily, weekly or monthly as same as Picks of the Day. This will add more life to Infuse home screen.



I’m in favor of anything that changes up the fanart used; if I can’t pick my own title to be represented, I’ll settle for something that randomizes them.

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I’d love this! Everything that makes the UI more dynamic, reminds me of titles I might have forgotten about and provides more customizability is good in my books

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