Genre-Overriding for TV-Shows with NFO is broken?

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I use NFO-Files to override all Metadata manually. But now I see the Genres-Overridingon TV-Shows don’t work anymore…

With Movies all „Genre“-Tags are correctly recognized, but with TV-Shows it doesn’t work anymore.

Can someone confirm that „Genre-Overriding for TV-Shows“ with NFO is broken? :thinking:

Strangely it seems to work with XML…

Can someone confirm that „Genre-Overriding for TV-Shows“ with NFO is broken? :thinking:

Strangely it seems to work with XML…

As a beta tester you can load previous versions and verify this. Hence the term beta tester. If you’ve already done this then please post what versions do and do not work.

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I can’t find out since which version the NFO Genre-Overriding is broken…
But independent of this, it’s not working and it’s a Bug

Besides, someone else should also confirm that the Genre-Overriding does not work

This was addressed and answered before in another of your threads a year ago. Not a bug.

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One more reason that we finally need full NFO-Support for TV shows. It’s really about time! Not everyone wants to use a Plex/Emby-Server but just want to use a simple Folder-Share with NFO-Files :wink::+1:

Since the suggestion thread in the above referenced thread is marked as “planned” please follow that thread and not create new threads regarding this. I know that planned suggestions often get shuffled in the release forecasts but it’s there for now and will be added as soon as practical for Firecore.

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Yes. Has not been possible as long as I’ve used Infuse (2+ years).

That was my thread, not @Christian1979 ‘s.

Looks to me as if Infuse won’t be able to support the recognition of genre tags in the .nfo files associated with TV episode media in the same way it does genre tags in the .nfo files associated with movie media without a complete rewrite of the way it internally recognizes and organizes TV-type media files overall. While it’s fair not to call this a bug since Firecore clearly didn’t design Infuse with this feature in mind, it’s not too difficult to see why the subsequent addition of such recognition and support to movie-type media files alone makes it appear to be one.

It does? Can you provide an example?

Specifically which requested feature is marked planned? Forgive me; I’m not seeing it.

Edit: Oh — I see now you must have been referring to this one (about allowing the creation of custom TV shows via .nfo).

Yes it’s working with an XML-File and the < genre > Tag

But the Problem is:
XML don’t support Cast&Crew overriding, and that is why I can’t use XML and must using NFO instead :wink:

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Guess I need to look into converting my .nfo to .xml because I had to stop using my .nfo when the addition of cast & crew override broke cast & crew indexing and searching. :thinking:

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