Generic title and tons of results. Can't find my movie. Help!

Hey everybody! I’ve been using Infuse 6 for some time now, and while I LOVE the interface, the one thing that really gripes me is that when I have a generic title it’s hard to find the movie I’m looking for. To make matters worse, Infuse only brings up the first page of results that appear on and I can’t get past that. How do you search for movies with generic titles to find the one you’re looking for? Is there a way to enter year or any other information that would help me pinpoint what I’m looking for? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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First, it really helps when you have the year in the file name for movies especially in cases like yours.

Can you provide the file name of the movie you are having problems with and the year of release?

Thank you so much! The movie I’m looking for is “The Curse” starring Wil Wheaton and the release year is 1987 according to TMDB.

How do you have your file named?

I just have it titled as “The Curse.”

Try changing the file name to “The Curse 1987.ext”

ext being what ever extension your file is.

Hey, it worked!!! Thank you! I was starting to lose my mind!

Glad it worked! I’d highly recommend that you include the year on all movie files, it really does help.

PS Ya can’t beat a good Claude Akins movie.

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