General Usability Suggestions (iOS)

  • Multi-Discs to display as TV Shows display multiple episodes

Playing ripped discs back currently is a little… awkward.
If a film has multiple discs the options I have are to:

  • name the extra discs in accordance with their corresponding film (which will create multiple entries for the same film)

  • to intentionally mis-name extra discs so they appear in the Other section (which makes them hard to find when searching)

  • or finally to put extra discs in their own Library folder and toggle this on and off when necessary (as I currently do: which saves duplicate entries in my library and incorrect naming schemes but means I have to remember on a per-film basis which titles have extra discs and which don’t.

It would be great if when entries for Apocalypse Now (1979).dvdmedia and Apocalype Now (1979) 2.dvdmedia are detected that the second file can display as if it were an additional episode of a TV show and appear under the films main, singular title card.

  • Cast and Crew
    The names of cast and crew should be tappable links to everything in our libraries featuring that particular person. This could extend to year and genre too.
    Names should also be searchable.

  • Age Rating toggle
    Some of my films are rated using U.K. classifications, some with US classifications and some don’t have anything at all. This inconsistency isn’t great so a toggle to turn this off entirely would be appreciated. I’m the only user and certainly of age so there’s no need for this feature for me personally. Perhaps defaulting these to be on when Parental Controls are active but off otherwise might be more useful.

  • Smart Color Invert compatibility
    Dark Mode being X compatible is certainly welcome but as Smart Color Invert gets better (it works with Safari images now!) I find I use it more and more. Toggling it off whenever I use Infuse isn’t the end of the world… but it would be nice to not have to.

  • Star Ratings
    The ability to switch between various sources (such as IMDB) would be nice, as would the ability to turn these off entirely. Everything in my Library is something I like so all these ratings do for me personally is introduce visual clutter.
    Having the rating appear above the title of the content even… it’s odd so much importance is attached to an ultimately meaningless ‘score.’

  • All / Synced pane
    This toggle should disappear when scrolling as is standard iOS behaviour. It’s unnecessary to have it accessible at all times.

  • File Location
    All of my files are stored in the same place which makes this information personally useless.
    An option to set whether it displays or not would be appreciated.

  • Inconsistent text size
    The change in text size between the Browse and Settings tab is incredibly jarring.
    The text options within Search should obey Dynamic Type settings as the text under Settings does.

  • Menu icons / tabs
    Pressing these when not positioned at the top of the screen should return you to the top of the screen. This is standard iOS language and I get caught out by the fact it’s missing here all of the time.

Okay that’s the end of my essay!
I hope some of these prove useful, thanks for all the work done so far. On the whole I really like the iOS 11 redesign :slight_smile:

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