general seas0npass question


I’m new to this message board and jailbreaking the apple tv altogether, so sorry if this question has been asked already.  I have an apple tv 2 iOS 4.3, if I want to jailbreak it, do I just download the latest version of seas0npass or do I need to find one that only works with 4.3?  My friend has version 4.4, can we use the same seas0npass version?



The big issue is that Apple is no longer signing those releases of firmware so the default (and easiest) jailbreak using SeasonPass will install the 5.0 firmware with a tethered jailbreak.   However many people do not want to move onto the 5.0 firmware until an untethered jailbreak is available.

If you want to jailbreak with the version of firmware that you already have installed then the process is more complicated and has been discussed in the thread .  Basically it involves using the iFaith program to grab the blobs (signatures) from your current devices for their installed firmware and going from there to carry out the jailbreak.  It is important to get these blobs as without them your only option effectively beomes to move onto the 5.0 firmware and the (currently) tethered jailbreak   Note that iFaith is Windows specific - I do not believe there is an equiivalent for Mac systems which might be an issue for you?

Yea, I have a Mac. So just to make sure, if I have 4.3 and I want to jailbreak using the latest season pass jailbreak, it will automatically update my iOS to 5.0 and it will have to be a tethered jailbreak?