General Questions on Sapphire


New to ATVFlash and I love the functionality it brings to my ATV. Can I pose some general questions on the workings of Sapphire.

My setup - AppleTV Version 3.0.1 / ATVFlash 4.0.5 / External HD

1:) I’ve imported 400 movies, is it possible to backup my IMDB data so that I can restore if I have to rebuild. I’m an XP user and I use WinSCP and Putty to connect.
2:) I notice when I watch a movie the video and audio can get out of sync but then rights itself - should this happen, or should I look to play my movies in another app?
3:) If seen it mentioned on this forum about the cover art not being fully available from IMDB (IMDB movie posters missing in about 15% of my movies) and that there is a new version of Sapphire available (or in test) can someone confirm this and any ETA?