General Idea for an Immersive Environment

One of the coolest features in visionOS are the immersive environments for media consumption, and one of my favorites is the Cinema Experience that is included in the Apple TV app, as well as the IMAX auditorium that you can experience within the IMAX app. My hope is that Apple will eventually open this feature up to where we’ll be able to create these independently, and they’ll work across apps, but for now I am just noodling around with some ideas in Blender.

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That’s nice but I wonder if there is too much “light” that would distract?

I’d love the ability to map my living room and use that. It would make flights so comfortable.

How about one that would replicate the “Drive In” experience with sky, other cars, a concession stand in the distance, a mosquito coil burning on the dash, and of course sound that only comes from the box hanging on the drivers window.

Oh and the ability to “flash your headlights” when the film breaks…

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Ideally, there would be multiple scenes with a “light” mode and “dark” mode that would let the user choose. One benefit to having a more well lit environment is that it cuts down on the pancake lens glare from high-contrast content.

That’s a great idea! I imagine it would be somewhat similar to the Tatooine environment on the Disney+ app, where it puts you in the driver seat of a speeder.

Apple really should at least donate their theater environment to anyone who wants to use it. I can think of lots of indy style apps like Infuse that will benefit from a “big ass screen” environment, and modeling one is probably not something in their wheelhouse.

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