General Feedback

Given my use of both ATV1 and 2, and having been dealing with the company and support through both versions, I thought I’d provide some constructive feedback. 

First, I appreciate the effort fireCore has put into the product.  I’ve used both now, and although I only used ATV2 for a short period of time, it looks like it’ll continue to develop along the same path as the first one.  Unfortunately it doesn’t satisfy my needs so I’m going to stick to the ATV1.

While the product eventually gets to a good place in terms of features and stability, the way you’re releasing things creates frustration.  It would be much better if you would take more time to make sure things are stable before releases.  From a business perspective, and from someone that directs technical operations departments, you would likely reduce the amount of time you’re spending on break/fix post release giving you more time to focus on additional enhancements and new features.  It would also be good if the fireCore team could provide appropriate levels of customer support.  Sometimes very simple requests can take multiple days to obtain a response - some that only require a very basic response without any action.  The length of time required for a response makes me wonder if fireCore is James and James alone.  In many cases, I can get responses from solo-developers who charge nothing for their product than I can get from fireCore - not a scenario a company that charges fees probably wants to hear, but its true.

All this being said, I’d definitely buy the product again.   I just wish I had known the reality of your customer service and the release issues in advance - it would have appropriately reduced my expectations to an appropriate level, and I would have blocked releases until I had seen evidence of bugs being resolved.