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What software/application did you use to read the metadata ? It looks neat!

May I ask you,how does the DV movie looks like ? Isn’t it very dull (as in not bright like HDR ) and don’t colors look kinda washed out ?

Dolby Vision can be difficult to explain.

It certainly doesn’t looked washed out (that is usually more the case with any HDR file on a non HDR display without tone mapping if the file is extremely washed out.)

That aside DV does (to my eyes) does have a slight hue but is far less dazzling.

But colour wise the representation of those colours is far superior. Colours are brighter only when they should be. (Dolby vision is applied frame by frame.)

I have seen comments on the internet of people who prefer HDR10 to Dolby Vision so it’s simply a case of whichever an individual prefers.

I used Plex’s get info tab to get the info bro, I’ve seen your thread on the DV color performance as well. I don’t really know how to explain it but I can feel it can be way better than what it is displaying right now. I have Profile 5 DV files for the most part. I also see that it takes often times 5-10 seconds for a DV file to play on my M1 Pro MBP 16’ inch. I believe @james has already mentioned there are more improvements to come for DV and Profile 5 playback on the Mac so I am patiently waiting for it. :slight_smile:

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I expected this answer but I don’t rly think that’s the case…what device are u using again ? Do u think i could send you two files ,one in DV and the other in HDR10,so you’ll tell me your opinion?

Sadly I don’t think it’s just related to this.when i said it looks washed out… actually it doesn’t.its just that it looks like sdr-which compared to HDR looks meh imo-

As DV has an sdr compatibility ,isn’ possible that the movies are played in sdr on mbp 2021?

Thanks ,i don’t have a Plex sub ,maybe I’ll look into it

Ye honestly i have several movies in both DV and HDR10 or hdr10+ ,and it’s not a contenst,HDR beats it easily.its not just colors that pop more ,it’s just that dolby files look like sdr on my MBP 14 …

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It’s making me reconsider my quality metadata priorities to be honest. My main content viewing device is the 16inch MBP at the moment until I get a LG C2 OLED. HDR is perfect as expected on the MBP. But then I realized this display supports DV and now have just been confused with the whole Profile 5 (WEBDL-2160p) vs Profile 7 (Bluray-2160p) business. I’m just considering to resign on Dolby Vision and use HDR as its the most widely accepted medium at the moment.

Sorry I hadn’t realised you were using a MacBook.
To be honest I have no idea how things stand regarding Dolby Vision on that as I don’t own one.
My comments were based on my ATV 4K hooked up to my LG OLED (I have a Shield also that plays pretty much any variety of Dolby Vision.)

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No worries, I think in the future thats Nvidia Shield is the only way to go… surprising how since 4-5 years there’s not a single competitive box in the market.

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Yeah I just use my Shield for the stuff that my Apple TV cannot handle to be fair.
Just a heads up in advance if you do get a Shield. Pay the extra for the Pro.
The tube version is an absolute joke of a device.
Here in the UK they are priced around £130 (tube) and £180 (pro).
All I can say is the tube is overpriced by about £80

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Is there a way we can test playing dvhe.08 properly on 4k2?

Profile 8 test file: [link]
But, the Infuse does not use RPU at all for now.
The image should flash repeatedly during playback.

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The dune media players (and others that use the same Realtek chip) are the best players out there when it comes to playing back your own media. I believe they even support full profile 7. Where they may lack is in support for things such as plex or running other apps (Netflix etc).

Does the shield pro 2019 read mkv \ iso \ folders ripp on DV profile 7 ?

In MKV definitely.
But I only use Plex which doesn’t support BMDV or ISO so what the shield is capable of and what Plex itself supports are obviously two different things and I would hate to give you the wrong info.

For that you may be better asking somewhere like the Kodi forums as I know Kodi supports ISO/BDMV.

But for sure in mkv the Shiekd definitely plays any 4K Remux.

Do you see any picture quality between the shield and Apple TV 2021 ?

I m considering getting a shield for the Dv files, but I’m hesitating

The shield has issues with Dolby vision where reds are elevated. Other than that it’s excellent PQ

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i just tested on an iphone 13 mini and its the same ,it doesnt look good

i get what you are talking about ,that DV is different than HDR10 ,as i have tried them both in good conditions
,however having tried true DV using dolby test files(which are dvhe05.09 fwiw) ,i can say that while these look different from hdr10,its not bad at all and looks good.all of my files however (which are dvhe05.06 ) play rly badly ,like dull and lacking colors…not washed out however so im thinking maybe they are sdr only ? idk

@Hitsville look at my last comment with pictures there Color issues with Dolby Vision on Mac - #38 by avraham

Yeah and earlier in the thread I mentioned to another user that I don’t have a Mac. So I’m definitely not qualified to give any thoughts sorry.