General chat about... Optimal setup? Should I use XBMC? VNC?

Hi guys!
I have (today) finally updated my AppleTV ( with the ATV Flash Black. Looks good so far. :slight_smile:

But what I would REALLY appreicate is small… discussion… guide… or whatever… about what features of Apple TV / ATV you “should” use to get the most of it?
(BTW I’m not a hardcore programmer/hacker - but am no tech fool neither… normal installing, IP/network crap, browser settings stuff is OK… telnet and linux commands are out of my leaugue…)

So… Let me start “the guide” to all features by going through what I have installed so far :

  • Media Player: Because this was my real reason for buying ATV Flash: So I could play my various video files (in various containeres) from my Synology NAS.. And get subtitle support too (on the fly even).
  • Couch Surfer Pro = a web browser: Just so I can look up a website in case I need to do so on the TV..
  • Weather: Just in case to see the occasional weather report..
  • RowMote: So I can use my the RowMote app on iPhone (and other IOS'es) to control Apple TV replacing the silver remote

These I think I understand, but personally have no use for:

  • RSS: So you can quickly follow updates from various RSS feeds, including news and what not..
  • Remote HD: Just like RowMote, but other app.. So the RemoteHD app on iPhone (and other IOS devices) can be used for remote controlling the Apple TV replacing the silver remote
  • Last.FM: Play last.FM internet radio
  • Plex: I presume this is only a "front end" for Plex, meaning that it can be used to stream your videos from a Plex Media Server/Center.. When I'm storing all media on a NAS I guess this will have no use for me. The benefit COULD be if it's possible to stream from other locations, e.g. running a Plex Media Server at home and streaming movies to your vacation house, if that is possible..??

These I really don’t quite understand:

  • AirControl: Something about enabling other remotes... don't know if this is psysical remotes or apps or whatever..
  • NitoTV: When this is installed there seems to be a lot of overlap.. For sure with Weather and RSS features, but probably also with the MediaPlayer, since NitoTV might enable playing some other media format or..?? But what are the benefits - why would I use NitoTV? - Is there something about being able to hook up USB storage devices (through micro USB??) - I also saw a feature named VLC something.. I know VLC is a great media player, but we already got the ATV Flash Media Player.. Or is the use or compability different?
  • XMBC: Now I know that this is multimedia center software, which in theory would make my Apple TV a media center.. but again with the ATV Flash I believe this is what I should have achived already, right? - What are the extra features or benefits from using XBMC? - I hear that you should be able to add more (sub-) programs / packages or what they are called to XBMC giving it extra functions.. What might thet be? Any great features? Free content of some sort?
  • OTHER STUFF? I believe once the Apple TV is jailbroken I should be able to install other stuff as well.. Is there anything I should consider installing to give myself an even better experience, more cool features and options...?

Thank you very much to everybody contributing to getting me (and hopefully a lot of other people in time) to understand all the features and possibilities of the Apple TV!

Best regards,

I suspect you will get a wide variety of answers :slight_smile:

Personally I do not use anything other than the FireCore software.   I tried XBMC but did not like it even though others swear by it.

The Air Control looks interesting although I have not tried it yet.    As I understand it what it does is allow control commands to be passed over Ethernet/WiFi, and the commands follow the syntax for URL’s.   That should make it relatively easy to develop scripts that run on a PC/Mac to control The ATV and apps running on it…

Hi itimpi
I guess you were wrong about the many different answer, since you were the only one who bothered to write. And thank you for that! I guess I’ll just stick to the normal function ad cross my fingers that I’m not missing out on anything really good :slight_smile:

My 2 cents…

At the moment I only use the FireCore Media Player, but in the past I have tried both Plex and XBMC.

I store my media on a Synology DS1511+ in a RAID6 volume built out of 5 HDDs of 2TB each.

On the Synology it is possible to install the Plex Media Server to manage your media and stream them to your Plex Clients (ATV, Roku, Mac, iPhone, iPad, even when you are on the go by connecting, for example, to the Synology via VPN), but that requires a substantial amount of server’s CPU power for the transcoding. Moreover there is no support for DVD rips or ISO, as well as the support for subtitles is quite poor.

The XBMC can be installed on the clients in such a way to keep on the NAS a central repository for thumbnails, fanart, playlist, keymap, etc exposing the sources with the media on the Internet via WebDAV for remote access. XBMC manages perfectly the TS_VIDEO folders of DVD rips, and transcoding is done on the client. BUT, for this reason it requires a lager throughput and consumes more bandwidth.