G Suite "Download Quota" API Ban

Also posted but ignored in a slightly different thread. I think this right here might be the main culprit. Infuse indexing the drive when it does not need to.


This is still on our radar to look into.

We’ve added a number of optimizations in semi-recent releases which have had a positive impact for many users. Optimizing things further will require deeper, more complex changes with lots of experimentation and testing. This is a time-consuming process, and this has simply gotten put on the back burner as there has been a lot going on with the 7.0 update and Apple’s upcoming iOS/tvOS 15 releases.

Hopefully we’ll be able to look further into this once things settle down.

I don’t mean to sound rude @james but I think part of the problem that leads to alot of frustration from infuse users/customers are the blanket statements that you usually make.
I see some suggestions to improve the problem but none of them have been countered by you. Like I just mentioned how many times in a single day infuse will index the drive but you totally skipped that or never even responded to that original 3 year old thread. Small things like these are what makes it just more frustrating.

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It’s my understanding the majority of these issues are being triggered by playback, though it is only appearing for some users. Since Google does not make these limits public it’s possible different accounts may have different limits based on how or when their Google Drive account was set up. Of course, Google is free to adjust these limits over time (maybe even on an account-by-account basis) so it makes navigating these waters tricky.

There is API usage for Google Drive for automatic indexing, but this is different than the usage during playback and will not count as a download. The one exception to this would be fetching of video details (codec, length, etc…) and for Google Drive this is only done when navigating to the video details page. If someone is viewing details for a lot of new content within a short period of time then maybe this is something we can easily improve, but I’m not sure this lines up with how someone would use the app in a real-world scenario.

With regard to playback, there are quite a few variables which go into how Infuse handles this, including some format-specific things which can all have an impact in this area. Unfortunately, there is not a simple silver-bullet answer here.

The one change that has helped some in this thread is to switch the Streaming Cache option found in Settings > Playback from Auto to Legacy, as this eliminate the read-ahead disk cache which can help avoid some of these issues.

I can guarantee you the issue is not with playback only. My Apple Tv infuse cache crashed 3 days ago. 3 times in a year. But I understand from this thread, that that is not infuses fault.

But each time it crashed my google drive had to be reindexed. Guess what happened 3of3 times? I got the 24 hour ban. So obviously indexing the drive for a large number of files will definitely cause a ban.

I have infuse running on 5 devices an d I have a library >15000 files. Can you confirm without a doubt that indexing the drive 10-20 times a day per device x 5 devices will not cause a temporary ban?

All I’m suggesting is implement the suggestion linked and we see how the system goes. Like I said I personally only add files to google drive once a week. So indexing the drive every 24 hours or so might not fix the issue, but will definitely reduce, substantially the number of api calls made to the drive.

I’ll bet u a $1000, if someone is using Google Drive instead of a Local Media Library, they most definitely have a huge library and probably add a lot of content regularly.:joy:

Anyway, I’ll leave it to u.

@james First of all thanks for the update and the explanation you gave us. I’m a physician, not a software developer but I think this kind of issue can be better solved by ruling out all possibilities first. Having an enable/disable option on the settings section can rule out a lot of possibilities to solve the problem. It doesn’t hurt anyone to have that function, I don’t think it will be a problem for you guys to do that even though you are working on a lot of stuff/updates, etc.

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With a 90tb filled Google drive, I have only experienced the error a few times (with Infuse 5 and 6) but I get it every week now with 7. Infuse have worked perfectly with Google drive in the past in my opinion, but now it seems the marriage has ended. Can something please be done? It seems like plenty of people has solid advice.

I tried the following this week:

On a Synology NAS mounted google drive vis rclone, added the sinology to infuse via smb (nfs does not work with rclone) and the files appear and no streaming problems.

I believe this works because rclone is handling the caching and heavy duty.

This fix works ok internally in my house, if i want to stream outside I will be capped at my house internet upload speed.

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any updates guys?

We have identified an approach that we believe will help reduce the number of API calls during streaming.

I will post an update once we have something ready to test.