G Suite "Download Quota" API Ban

@james you know what else would be super helpful… is to have an option to scan changes to specific folder shares (google in my case) so that it doesn’t check all the check marked shares each time. Possible? That may also help with api request counts…

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Updated to 6.4.6 a bit ago… will see how it helps avoid the downloads api ban. Others here with the same issue… try it out as well and let’s see if it’s better now and report back to the infuse team :slight_smile:

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@james what version is iCloud stored artwork/metadata supposed to come to infuse? 6.5.0? Will that also help in lowering API requests from google? Thanks!

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You can always see what features are currently planned and what release they are targeting here

Just remember, this is not written in stone and can be fluid at times.

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Thanks! I noticed iCloud artwork sync keeps getting pushed to future releases :frowning: bummer… that’ll be really nice when it’s here.

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Since the new update there’s been no bans for me. Thanks looking at this.


Greetings from Brazil,

I’ve read the page Metadata 101 – Firecore and it appears that Infuse works just like Kodi Movie/TV Show scrapper - it would rely on a pre stablished naming convention to be able to get movie/tv show information from different sources - this info can also be found here Infuse Metadata Source.

I am using Infuse to play my content that is sourced from Google Drive. The option " Embedded Metadata" is disabled. I’ve noticed that every time I open inFuse and start navigating thought the list of my movies I can see between one to six download records on GDrive logs for each movie it shows on my screen. I would like to reinforce that I did not play ANY of these files.

Please find a sample below from the logs: inFuse-Download-Problem - Google Sheets

Why this is a problem? I was informed by a GDrive Support Analyst that every single download row found in my log counts as if the file was fully downloaded regardless of whether or not it actually happened. The thing is, a movie can be as big as 40-60 GB and all that data counts against my download quote in Google Drive (which is not really informed). When that download limit is reached, Google would lock me out for 24 hours, which is really bad!

So my questions are I need your help with to answer to resolve the problem:

  1. Why is inFuse doing that?

  2. Wasn’t it supposed to use only filenames/foldernames to crawl and display movie/tv show info?

  3. Is there an option to disable this behavior and avoid it from happen?


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I moved your post to this thread that should shed some light and hopeful answer your questions. :smiley:

Have you updated to 6.4.6?

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Thanks for doing that. Reading all of this helps to understand better what is happening, for sure.

To answer your question: yes, it is 6.4.6.

That is a pretty good explanation. While we are facing this problem, is it possible to add an option to not to fetch any data out or the files themselves other than the necessary to scrap the movie/tv show details from the scrapper services (which I assume are only filename and folder names so no file download necessary) to completely avoid any download up to the moment the user actually hits the play button? So the user can choose on get more info about the movie (like codecs etc) at the price of having more data downloading from Google counting against the quota or have less info (not sure if ppl cares anyway, since they already know their content when they upload to Google) and more free download quota.


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You shouldn’t be seeing any more issues with the 6.4.6 update. When did you update to 6.4.6? It was released on July 7th but didn’t get wide spread distribution until the 8th so you shouldn’t be seeing the problems after the update.

From your logs it only shows up to the 8th so that appears to be before you updated to 6.4.6

Hi @NC_Bullseye:

I have just tested again. Opened inFuse and just navigated through the movies collection without clicking on ANY of them for about 7 minutes or so and it shows 332 downloads records which occur during that time which you can find in this GSheet (inFuse-Download-Problem - Google Sheets).

Please let me know anything else I can do to help solve this problem.

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im still for my old solution of a manual setting feature gdrive in settings which switches to only catch file names, nothing else…

"–> is it possible to add a feature for not fetching any other data than filename when using folder instead of library? this would kill the error on my side and I think at many others with a very simple feature."


I think that approach would work just fine and still keep the scrap working - I definitely vote for that to be implemented. If I had seen your message before mine up in the thread I would not have entered a similar ideia myself here…hehehehe.

If I am not wrong, Kodi uses that same approach - I use it in another device and it is connected to the same data source and there is no download records in the GSuite logs unless I actually play the content. :slight_smile:

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Bad news, exactly the same thing happens to me.

I have seen a movie, but when I finished it, it would not let me see any other, since Google believed that I have downloaded hundreds of gigabytes, without having done so, I have only opened folders with the covers of my movies, and with only that action I have reached the limit.

It is very sad :frowning:

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@NC_Bullseye @james - previously I provided some inputs on the GDrive log records while navigating on the movies list. I have also did the same while playing a movie for a short period of time. The movie is 14GB. Accordingly to the log below, GDrive registered 125 download entries, 1.750 TB in size in total, for 31m and 2 seconds of playback.

Please find the GSheet with the data: inFuse-Download-Problem-Movie-Playback - Google Sheets



Thanks for providing this additional data for context… hopefully it can be resolved somehow/someway… and thank you @NC_Bullseye and @james for your continued support :slight_smile:


Haha that’s almost 8Gbps. I think google needs to adjust their amounts. They are obviously doing some sort of estimating and doing a terrible job at it. Have you filed a report with them?

Yes, it looks odd. I have and others have too. The answer I got is that every download line in the audit/log means a full file download regardless whether or not the file has actually been fully downloaded.

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