Future update to support edditing of Favorites.

Oh my God, what a magnificent app!!!
This really brings out the best of Apple TV 4.
However the is still room for improvements :slight_smile:

I am asking for a possibility to “merge” favorites. Let me explain…
I have a NAS with a lot of movies and an external disk connected to my NAS (also loaded with movies).
I make a favorite of my movie-directory on the NAS and another favorite of my external movie-directory. I can now watch all my movies, but they are separated in two directories - not very user friendly.
I really would like to be able to make one “movie directory” consisting of two (ore more) links to my NAS. What I am talking about is something like this:

Favorite name: Movies
Links: xxxxx AND yyyyy AND zzzzz AND …
Favorite name: Shows
Links: xxxxx AND yyyyy AND zzzzz AND …


Vagn Petersen

I have the same problem and talk about this in other thread. It would be wonderful.

This will be available once library view is added in version 4.x. :slight_smile: