Future of untethered boot for 5.2.1?

Sadly, I messed up the initial jailbreaking of my new-to-me ATV2 4.4.4, and foolishly ended up updating it to 5.2.1 (without any blobs saved, of course!). We get a good number of power outtages in the area, so tether boot is a non-starter.

I’m sure I’m waiting around (like many other folks) for an untethered 5.2.1 (or newer) ATV2 jailbreak. I understand there good reasons not to release a jailbreak (such as iOS7), but I was wondering, what is the likelyhood of an untethered boot in next six months? 

Hi Jim, any news on this one…I also has version 5.2.1 installed by mistake without saving any blobs.

I want to go back :frowning:

Afraid I have not heard anything, Pollewops.

'Course, probably not going to get a set date, but I’m hoping for more of a Will-They or Won’t-They thing.

Would any more knowledgable posters lend their thoughts?

If you look at the history of the tethered and untethered JB’s, once they have jailbroke a release, it’s considered it “works”.   Rarely does anyone go back and untether a tethered release.  Haven’t heard any of those who typically JB ATV2 say anything other than “it doesnt’ look good”, and not see much activity other than that on their twitter accounts.  My guess is that until another ATV release comes from apple, the effort to make a modern untehtered release will wait for that time.

Now if the question is, will Apple release another IOS in the next 6 months that someone will not only JB it, but find an untethered boot?  That is more likely all things considered.

That’s my opinion, so I’m not holding my breath on 5.2.1.

Appreciate the reply, Ped!

From your comment, it sounds like the next major ATV update will be the best hope for an untethered jailbreak. Unfortunately, since ATV doesn’t appear to be included with iOS7, I’m figuring at best it will be a long while. Has development of ATV software newer than 5.2.1 stopped, or should I not completely give up hope?

I mean, I’d sure rather use JB and aTV Black then the Plex hack


Yes, if I were a betting man, that’s what I would bet.  I still don’t know if they found workarounds for the security patches introduced in 5.2.1, but typically many more enthusiasts come out to give it a shot when a new release comes out.

You can still jailbreak it to another untethered release however if you have the blobs for that release and an ATV2 device.  You can always check Cydia… I have heard sometime people have found blobs that there either from a prior owner, or an update you did in the past that cydia updated subsequent releases for you.   There’s hope for that. :slight_smile:

…and as if by magic…apple have just released 5.3, now we wait for a jailbeak, hopefully untethered.

I wonder how long the 5.2.1 release will still be signed?   I can see a number of people simply updating to the latest release not realising there is not (yet anyway) a jailbreak, and if Apple stop signing 5.2.1 it will then not be easy to revert.

Wow! I guess this is a timely thread. Fingers crossed for untethered JB for 5.3!


Indeed, 5.3 is a big update as it includes the HBO GO, WatchESPN, and three other channels.  Hopefully this brings attention to the new version from the jailbreakers who know this stuff, and they deliver the untethered goods in short order  :)  

In the meantime I am sticking with untethered jailbroken 5.2 for now.  Let’s hope the wait’s not too long.  

One thing this news has forced me to realize (since I always have my MacBook Air nearby) is that I might not miss XBMC or Firecore’s Media Player too much, really.  With AirPlay Mirroring, PlexConnect, Air Video server/client, Beamer, and the like, I can still send non-iTunes formatted video pretty easily right from my laptop.