Future of Infuse for ATV?

Rumor has it that the new/upcoming ATV will allow for installation of apps from the app store? If this is true will Infuse for ATV be available on the app store? Will those of us with lifetime ATV Flash (black) support be able to install Infuse (& other apps included with ATV Flash?) at no additional charge?

Infuse for ATV and its ability to play DVD images is the only reason I purchased ATV Flash (black) and I’ve been wondering about its future…

If/when a true App Store does become available for the ATV, you can rest assured that you’ll find Infuse on it. What this looks like for existing users remains to be seen, as up to this point Apple hasn’t provided developers with a good way to handle upgrades or crossgrades. However, we remain hopeful this will change someday.

In the meantime, we have some updates in the works for aTV Flash (black) for release in the near future that include both new features and minor fixes.

Not long to wait now! Really interested to see what Apple do with it.

In progress. :slight_smile:


Amazing news. I’d imagine Firecore are probably in a better position to get this into the App Store before certain other apps too!

James, as ATV Flash Black is severely crippled because of the missing AirPlay functionality, will ATV 2 be supported for much longer?