Funny Quirk

Hoping someone can help. I have a bunch of movies with AC3 soundtracks.


it plays fine in my room when I am using WIFI (802.11n) and Ethernet on my Black ATV but when I want to go to the other end of the house WIFI doesnt Quiet reach I have got some NetGear Powerline V+ 200 (the 2 devices are syncing at 190mb) when I play the AC3 sound track I am getting nothing but static noise and choppy video on anything HD

Yet my Original ATV (Flashed) works fine with the same video.


It seems that with the Powerline adapters its doing something with the media player (latest) and AC3 soundtracks…

maybe this will get fixed by the time it comes out of beta

Fixed it Just remembered where I saw the menu to disable AC3 throughput and it seems to be ok now