fundamental problems with subtitles

after playing today with the new subtitles features, i’ve encountered a major problem. I speak spanish and I enjoy from time to time a few movies in spanish.  there was in 2011 a big spanish movie hit called “no controles” which i have.  however, because its in spanish, its not being recognized as that movie and it fetches some other movie metadata (i think unstoppable or something like that).  when i center click the remote button to change the metadata, it offers me some other english movie, but fails to recognize the real movie.  since there is no menu choice to disregard the wrong metadata (like in plex), i have to leave it in my library with the wrong name.  i wanted to show the movie to my wife with english subtitles, however, since it doesnt recognize the real movie, it proposes me the wrong subtitles.


THERE IS A DEFINITE need for an option in metadata that will disregard what it finds, or prevent fetching wrong metadata.  in plex its called “unmatch”. otherwise the reason for wanting subtitles because of other languages could be useless

Hmmm, it may be a case of original title versus actual title. Is this the movie you are referring to?

What is the filename for this file?

yes james thats exactly this one.  the filename is  no controles.avi


it just doest match properly.  since the whole idea of subtitles is for when there is a foreign language involved, if the foreign languages movies dont tag properly its not good.  i have a lot of french movies too that dont tag.  i still think we need a “unmatch” for when its improperly tagged.  i have a bunch of movies that have the wrong cover art because it doesnt match properly.  there is no option to unmatch, and when i click “reload metadata” it still regives me wrong match.

Which movie metadata is it showing you (instead of the correct title)?

After a bit more testing here is what I found.

  1. With the Apple TV set to English, I was able to reload metadata for 'no controles.mkv' to get the proper metadata for 'Love Storming'.
  2. If I change the Apple TV language to Spanish and reload the metadata, I was able to select the original movie tile of 'No Controles'.

You may try the steps found in the guide below to ‘correcting metadata’ to see if you’re able to pull down the right movie name.

Hi James

I’m just about to go back home so I was gonna write you to tell you what movie it’s tagged under. In the meantime I read your post. I’m surprised you were able to get “love storming” in the English language because I cant. But Even getting the title in English is not proper cuz it’s in Spanish really. But anyways putting my atv in spanish is out of the question for me. First I’d be scared to loose all the metadata for my English movies and second the rest of the house would not be able to navigate the menus

I guess il have to resort to creating a XML file. In an XML file do you have to fill out all fields? What if I don’t care about the actors list? And what’s the best way on a Mac to create an XML file? Text edit?

I still think an “unmatch” option in the metadata menu would be useful for the times where a wrong match is made

So there is no way to get the English atv recognize a Spanish movie?

If this is an isolated case, you could switch the Apple TV to Spanish, reload metadata for this movie (with correct Spanish title) then switch back to English. Doing this will not affect your other metadata (unless of course you were to manually reload one of them while the Apple TV was set to Spanish).

This is the end result I’m seeing here.


ok i might just do that… thanks james… and is it normal that the subtitels are out of sync with the movie?


and as a suggestion, it would be nice to create a section in this forum where you would detail the upcomings improvements/new features /for the next update… when an update is released, you could wipe out the section and start over for the next update and so on… it would give us a sneak peek at whats coming.  i love so much atv flash that i dont think i would have bought an apple tv without it.  and i absolutely love the fact that you update it so often with improvements… thanks

Subtitle syncing will really depend on the subtitle file being used. The available subtitles will be sorted by rank/popularity, but if you have trouble with one you may need to try a different one. Since there can be many versions of the same movie a subtitle file for one version may not apply to others.

Another option would be to try and adjust the time offset (forward or backward) to fine tune the subtitle sync. This option can be found near the bottom of the Subtitles section in the Playback Menu.

Lastly, if you want to remove one of the downloaded subtitles you can do so by highlighting it and pressing the right arrow to remove it.

I just checked and the movie was something else than “love storming”. I managed to put it to love storming and showed correctly for a few minutes. When I went back to my atv couple hours later the match had changed itself to another movie called “unstoppable” (the runaway train). Which leads me to another issue I noticed: the metadata matches often change by themselves. I often have to re-match some movies that seem to unmatch alone…

Hmm, that is definitely not normal. Can you try clearing all the metadata to see if this cures what’s going on? You can clear the metadata through the Media --> Settings --> Reset menu.

ive done that before many times… and it happened to me many times… there are a couple movies that i always have to re-load the metadata because its always getting changed back to some other movies… one such movie is “The ring 2” which is that horror movie that came after “The Ring”. for some reason, almost every time i turn on ATV i have to correct the metadata… you would think that once you corrected it with the center button, it stays the same. but no!

Would you be able to send in a bug report? This would help greatly in tracking down what’s going on.

sure… a bug report in the forum section or with the “submit a bug” link? tell me whats best for you.

and also, on TV shows, i have a show from national geographic called “seconds from disaster”.  inside that folder, i have the seasons folder, and inside those folders, i have of course the shows themselves… however, why is it that for the first season, the metadata shows the art from nat geo with the show title, but the other seasons, it just shows thumbnails from the actual show, no cover art… not normal either?

ive submitted a bug report with regards to this issue… keep me posted… thanks