Functionality Issue w/o Internet Access

There seems to be a change in functionality when you’re NOT connected to the internet. I have always been able to use a external hard drive connected to a router via USB and shared via SMB to my AppleTV (4) without internet access. It seems this functionality is no longer available.

I also was able to run a Speed Test within the Infuse Settings, where I was able to connect to the shared folders and video files to run the test. The test ran flawlessly without being connected to the Internet. This means the Infuse app is seeing my share properly.

I think this maybe a licensing issue. Where Infuse goes out to the internet for a moment and then runs the video. But without internet access there is no functionality in running a video on an AppleTV using Infuse.

NOTE: of course I access the Internet to sync the video metadata information to my AppleTV.

More Specifics Identified:
I have used Infuse in my RV for a couple of years where internet access is not always available. I’ve never had an issue until recently. This issue was identified when I took this out to the RV, after updating the software, the videos, and the metadata.

After discovering the issue, I was able to determine that when internet was connected to my router movies where accessible. Unplug the internet from the router and restarting the AppleTV, and the movies no longer able to be played via Infuse.

Like I said, I have been using Infuse without internet connectivity for a couple of years, but now something has changed where Infuse requires internet access.

I leave Tuesday morning. I’m hoping I can get an explanation or direction to resolve this issue. I don’t think anything has changed on my end, but I’m open minded and willing to accept whatever I need to do to resolve this.


I don’t have any idea on the Infuse side but since your on a tight time frame does your cell phone provider have the option of doing a mobile hot spot with your phone? That may get you through your trip at least.

I’d guess you could just use it on start up and then turn it off until you restart the ATV but I don’t know for sure.

Thanks! I do have a HotSpot feature on my Verizon iPhone. I was able to connect the iPhone to my WiFi booster and then connected the booster to my router. This does get me internet to the router for the ATV and it will work.

I couldn’t connect my iPhone directly to the router.

I would like to have this issue fixed in a future update. It’s much easier not being dependent on internet. Many times I don’t have cell services while camping.

I appreciate the suggestion.

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How are you accessing your media? Is it an SMB share? If so make sure you are accessing via direct IP and not via name. name resolution may not be working properly.

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This should work without internet access, though of course some features that require internet (metadata fetching, subtitle downloads, iCloud sync, etc…) will not be available.

If you’re able to use your hotspot and send a report from the Apple TV (Infuse > Settings > Submit Diagnostics), this may help track down what’s going on here. You don’t need to send an email when prompted, just post the 5 digit code here.

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I appreciate everyone’s suggestions. I’m traveling at the moment and may not be available to test or provide your suggestions right away. I will reply asap, hopefully this week. Please standby…

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Safe travels and we’ll leave the porch light on. :wink:

I’ve finally resolved the internet requirement issue. I discovered that a router firmware update some how impacted the access to a USB hard drive being shared off the router.

I was able to simulate a internet connection via a WiFi booster, where it’s connected to the router’s WAN connection. Even if the booster had no internet access, the router was satisfied with anything connected to the WAN connection.


I’m now working to setup a Mac Mini (M1) to hang the USB hard drive on to. I can use Infuse 7 directly from the Mac Mini or via my AppleTV pointed to the shared hard drive on the Mac Mini, both connected to my 48" LG OLED TV.

Which do you think is better? Watching via the App on the Mac Mini or via the AppleTV…

Thanks everyone!

That’s a lot of work. I think it’s be easier to download everything onto something like an iPad and get an HDMI adapter.

I have 5TBs used on an 8TB HD, so an iPad won’t cut it.

Then it might easier to just use a PC/Mac or get a cheap android box.