Full screen viewing doesn’t work

Good day guys!

I have Apple TV 4K. And during watching a movie I do swipe down where we can switch between audios / subtitles. And there is an option to stretch an image to fit full screen. But it doesn’t work. The option is applied but nothing happens. I tried it with several 4K movies - no luck.

Infuse on Apple TV connected via FTP to MacBook.

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The Video Zoom option actually works in conjunction with the Aspect Ratio setting.

Many videos will include embedded black bars, so in reality the video is already full screen (even though the content only appears in the middle). However, using the Aspect Ratio setting, you can adjust how much of these black bars are clipped off - and then Infuse will stretch/crop the remaining portion of the video to fill your screen.

Thanks for the answer!
I didn’t try all the cases initially. For me the next combination works:
Crop mode + Any LAST 4 items from the Aspect Ratio options.
Just leave it here. Maybe it can be useful for someone.

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