Full screen doesn't stop energy saving mode (screen going dark)

When going into full screen mode the screen goes to sleep instead of stopping this process as I would consider normal.

Thank you James. It’s been surprisingly smooth on my M1 MacBook Air. It syncs my iCloud settings too.

One minor bug/issue so far - when I was playing a video in full screen the Mac went to sleep (screen turned off) as normal - like the Mac didn’t realise Infuse was playing. I’m not a developer but hopefully this makes sense to you.


Hi, I find little problem only, when I watching a movie in full screen my screen saver is turning on
and I wanna say thank you for keeping upp the good work

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It is great! :slight_smile:
Works very well on my system. Nice to be able to use the same library on all devices.

One thing I noted is that the screen saver kicks in while you’re watching
The window handling is ok but needs some refinement. In some views you loose window controls.
Search for subtitles. Would like to have that feature

All in all great work guys. Love it already

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Yes, same here. Also screen goes darker (energy saving mode) when watching.


the display darkens after a few minutes.

In new alpha version first problem solved (screensaver and monitor sleep)

This should be resolved in the alpha 2 build.

Please let us know if you see any other issues in this area. Thanks!

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