Full Plex integration question

As someone who current who currently runs a Plex server both locally and remotely (with a Shield as the client) I’m getting pretty interested in purchasing the ATV 4K and Infuse.
So a couple of questions bearing in mind my last comment.

  1. What can I expect in the UI with regards to switching from one server to the other? (assuming infuse can handle multiple Plex servers?) The shield default Plex app for example involves at least 10 clicks, whereas most other Plex clients just require one click of a dropdown to switch.

  2. With the “full Plex integtation” will anything being watched be reported to Tautulli ?
    Second post here https://firecore.com/comment/84772 suggests it will ? but confirmation would be great.

Welcome to the forum!

In Infuse you have 2 different ways to access your content, via Favorites (one for each Library) or through the Library. Each will be displayed right on the home screen, so at most you are a click or two away from your content.

You can also further customize what you see on the home screen by adding Favorites and Lists. These provide quick access to things you watch most often, and more info on these can be found here. Managing Favorites & Lists – Firecore

Also, Infuse will report the current status of the item it’s placing back to Plex, so things like Tautulli will work just fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks James that clarified it.

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