full framerate 720p mkv h264 playback?

Hey, it’s me again with another question.  I know among the video players on iOS that support the MKV format, many are not able to do get smooth playback on 720p mkv videos.  Your description says 1080p is possible on ipad 2 or later, but I assume that is mp4 native h264 videos that the ipad can play out of the box? so can yours get a full framerate for 720p mkv files? thanks

Yes, full 720p or 1080p MKV files (h.264) work great, with no skipping or buffering.

The largest MKV I recall us having a chance to test was a Blu-ray version of Inception, which was about 20GB in size, full 1080p. It played perfectly (even on the less powerful iPad mini).

Hope this helps.