Full Documentation of XML for metadata

There appear to be some gaps and/or errors in the doc at http://support.firecore.com/entries/20557283-metadata-and-cover-art

What I’ve noticed so far is that “UserStarRating” doesn’t seem to come in at all, nor does the “Released” date.

Also, there appear to be a couple other items that don’t come in that actually do come in when fetched remotel from a service, such as the tagline, which is the text that’s normally immediately below the title in the top section with the rating, just above the description.

Can someone verify if these items can actually go in via XML, of the XML implementation is currently bugged in those areas?





The “published” date needs to be specified as a full date even though only the year is displayed:


However, I have not found a way to get the userStarRating to display using the given format:


Hi, I’m also hoping to find out more detail around the “specification” of metadata stored via XML. I have requested more detail from Firecore but not had any useful response.

Has anyone done trial and error to uncover what is supported?