Full Control Over "Edit MetaData" With the Ability to Edit and/or Override Movie Ratings and Movie Titles...

It would be a great feature to have full control over “Edit MetaData” with the ability to manually edit Movie Ratings (R, UNRATED, PG-13, NOT RATED, G) and to also be able to edit the movie titles. For example the auto metadata feature only pulls standard Metadata titles from TMDB but doesn’t pull (Director’s Cut) (Extended Edition) or (Unrated Edition) variations even if the folders where the movies are in indicates that it is the “Extended Edition”.

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You can do so by either putting an xml file next to the movie file (https://support.firecore.com/hc/en-us/articles/215090887-Metadata-and-Cover-Art) or by using
Plex as media server with the new Plex Integration and editing metadata in Plex

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Thank you so much for the solution. I will try it out!! Cheers!

I tried your suggestion with the XML file but it is a bit tedious to do so. I was hoping for an on screen / in app “Edit” button to change select criteria in the movie MetaData without having to fill in all details in the XML like which actors were in it and etc. just to be able to change the title to (Extended Version)