Full app lock on Apple TV

Is there a reason or a technical limitation to why there is no full app lock (with pin code) available on Infuse on the Apple TV?

I use Infuse to watch alot of 70’s and 80’s B-movies and exploitation movies, among them there are certainly some of the kind that you don’t want your kids to see.

When password protecting folders, my last played videos etc are still showing on the home screen of Infuse.

It would be nice to know if this could get implemented in a future version.

Thanks for the suggestion!

One option for now would be to adjust the ‘Up Next List’ option found in Settings to hide some sections, or the entire list.


Is it possible to set a passcode to open the app just like Plex provides ?

Plex provides that feature via online account sign-in. It would be nice if Infuse could provide a passcode feature locally if possible.


Didn’t the parental controls work for you? You had posted this about a year ago and it was working for you.

Yes it did but for “Settings”. However I’m looking for a passcode to open the app itself.


Just set up parental controls through OS settings. I believe you can restrict app usage that way.

I believe that tvOS only allows restrictions based on the age rating of the app and for Infuse I think it’s like 4+.

It also has minimal options for 3rd part apps.

Yes the only options in tvOS are by age rating for the app (which won’t work since Infuse is 4+) or just protecting every single app on the device which of course would be a huge pain.