FTPing to external drive

Hello to all, I am trying to transfer files via Cyberduck (FTP) to my external 1TB drive.
When connected, inside the movies folder I see the drive as a file and not a folder ( see image ).

I can transfer files to the movies folder, but not the external drive.

An option is to connect via SFTP, in this mode I can see the the external drive and transfer files.
But the transfer rate drops form 10 MB per second to 3 MB per second ( due to encryption )

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Ok I seem to have a workaround for this problem

Using Cyberduck, create a folder in the movies folder ( call it what you want ), then drag the problem ‘File’ into that folder.
It now appears as a folder to which I can read and write.

When finished move the folder up one level, to its original location.

If when you next login, the problem persists repeat this process

So this solution currently works for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for this tip; great, i was desperate, the external drive was gone in cyberduck.

Now all is back!

Ton Enthoven