FTPES Support

Hi all (and hoping james :slight_smile: ),

Would it be feasible to have a FTPES support on Infuse (iOS & tvOS) ?

As 6 millions of french people, my ISP is Free, and as we are lucky, the set-top-box is a NAS, with powerful functionalities.
I use the integrated hard drive as the source for Infuse (on iOS & tvOS) and it’s working perfecttly (FTP, SMB) on a local network.

The only lack is that is impossible to access the server by Internet via FTP/SMB.
There is a web interface with the ability to share the content to anyone, but of course Infuse can’t access to it.
Today, i share the web link to my family & friends for let them download the content, and view it on their devices.

A few months ago, they updated the box with the possibility to access the server by “the outside” via FTPES.
It was the missing function for me to make “sell” Infuse to all the persons accessing my NAS via the web, and that’s why i was asking if there was a possibility to have FTPES support.
It will be magic that it would be accessible directly into a share in Infuse, all over the world!

I still tried with SFTP, but it’s not the same feature.

  • I am ready & over motivated to make some tests
  • I will be ready to pay to have this function :slight_smile:

I attached a screenshot of the set-top-box, just in case.

Thanks a lot.



Me and my familly are pro users since few months and I sent a email few weeks ago about a possible support of FTPES. Because in France we have an ISP that have a NAS included into the Modem/router. This ISP is well known for his fancy and geeky functionalities and is used by alot of power user.

But to connect from outside on it, it only support FTPES. (Local use SMB/FTP without any issues)
Even with redirecting port 21 to (or whatever IP use the router) it doesnt work, the ISP must have blocked it.

I’m also ready for testing the feature if you need to.



So it may be possible ? :slight_smile:

Come on, its just Explicit over SSL/TLS, in 2019 we should encrypt everything, especially over WAN connection, don’t you think ?

When I test it with https://ftptest.net/ (recommended by FileZilla) its working.

Please ?