FTP vs SMB - Synology

Just FYI for any curious…

TLDR = FTP is approx 10x faster than SMB (for me)

Just upgraded from a DS412+ to a DS1522+, and setup Infuse to point to the new Synology. Decided to give FTP a go on this new NAS, I’d used SMB previously.

Previous SMB connection averaged about 50 Mbps - using 5gHz wifi connection from an Asus RT-AX88U. OK for 4k files even, but buffering was slow as you’d expect after slipping forward and so on.

With same 5gHz wifi the new FTP connection gives approx 500+ Mbps… which is a staggering improvement… wish i’d tried it ages ago on the old Syno.

Anyway… give FTP a try for higher stream speeds.